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* Practice Field Request Form

Milton American Baseball has a permit to use several fields in Milton specifically for practice use.  In order to request a field for practice, please follow the steps below:


  1. * Go to the Fields page and click on the blue rectangle to the right of the field you are interested in booking.  From here you can see if the field is booked by either Milton American OR Milton National.  All fields are currently being shared during the summer season and the only way to guarantee availability is to check the field schedule.
  2. Once you have found an available time slot at your field of choice, go to the Practice Field Request form to submit your request.
  3. You should receive a confirmation email of your scheduled practice time and field.  Please verify on the schedule that your request is in fact appearing on the master schedule.


Some things to keep in mind regarding a few of the fields:


MILTON ACADEMY:  Field use here begins at 6:15 and run through 8 PM on Tuesdays during the Spring season ONLY.  You cannot be on the field prior to 6:15 or you will be asked to leave.  Also, please plan to be off the field at 8 PM.  Currently, this field is unavailable until further notice.


ANDREWS BATTING CAGES: Limited to a 45 minute block.  A reservation is only valid for one cage, not both.  In the event that you are scheduled for one of the cages and the other is not being used, you may use at your discretion.  If another party arrives, you must clear out of this second cage.


* Please note that step #1 above is a change in procedure for determining field availability.  You must make sure a field is available for the date and time you are requesting.