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About the tryout process:


Tryouts are for the Majors division only.

There is no need to tryout if you prefer that your child play in the Minors division, however all players are welcome to participate. 


Players must attend at least one tryout to be eligible to play in the Majors division. 


Our goal is to place all players at a level appropriate with their current ability.  We typically have tryouts in the fall and again the following spring to reconfirm the fall evaluation.  Players will not be assigned teams until after the final spring tryout.


Each team is required to have a certain number of players at each age group to ensure teams are appropriately balanced over your child’s 10 -12 year old playing years. 


11 and 12 year old players
All 11 and 12 year old players are assessed based on each individual coach’s observations from the tryout(s) your child attends. 


For 10 year olds only
Coaches and assistant coaches evaluate each player individually via a ranking system.  So if there are 30 ten year olds that attend tryouts, each coach will individually give each player a rank of 1 through 30.  Rankings are then submitted to the board of directors and aggregated based on the input of all coaches.  Once the aggregate rankings are compiled, only those ranked from 1 – 21 are eligible to be chosen by a majors team. 

This process is not perfect, and the ability of players ranked 18 through 24 may be very similar.  But it has been in place for several years, and has proven to be an effective means of objectively evaluating players, to prevent situations where factors other than a player’s ability dictate where they play. 

Final note on the list of players eligible, the information provided by the board to coaches is sorted in alphabetical order, and not based on the aggregate ranking of each player.  This encourages coaches to select specific players based on their observations from the tryout and discourages selecting the “best player available”. 


Please email the Board of Directors with any questions or if you need more information at miltonamericanbaseball@gmail.com