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Milton American Baseball



Milton American Baseball (MAB), an affiliate of Cal Ripken Baseball, is a non-profit volunteer run youth baseball league for Milton residents living or attending school east of Randolph Avenue.  We have operated continuously for over 60 years.  

Our mission is: 

  • To develop and promote the sport of baseball among individuals under 13 years of age in the Town of Milton, Massachusetts
  • To provide educational opportunities, workshops, and coaching to children and youth regarding baseball, and to teach sportsmanlike conduct  
  • To encourage the social, physical, and emotional growth of children and youth
  • To maintain and improve publicly owned baseball parks and playing fields in Milton, Massachusetts

To provide a consistently positive experience for all our players, MAB places a very strong focus on the values of good sportsmanship, teamwork and fair play.  MAB maintains a strict ZERO TOLERANCE policy regarding negative behavior of any kind by any person participating in organization activities.  All reported violations of this policy will be reviewed and processed by the MAB Board of Directors for appropriate disciplinary action.  This Code of Conduct Policy is designed to deter such behavior by providing specific examples of the organization's expectations.





These positions are considered representatives of the league. League Representatives are expected to lead by example by conducting themselves in an ethical, professional and positive manner at all times. League Representatives should be candid, yet attentive to participant's needs and aim to accommodate reasonable requests whenever appropriate.



These positions are considered not only to be representatives of the league, but also mentors and role models for the young men and women the organization services. Coaches are expected to be a positive influence on their players by following the league rules and encouraging parents and players to do so as well. Coaches are responsible for their team's behavior at all times.

The following are examples of unacceptable coaching behaviors:

  • Adversarial, disrespectful or vulgar words or actions toward umpires, coaches, players or spectators
  • Berating or negatively reinforcing players (of any team)
  • Encouraging or allowing players to cheer negatively against an opposing team or player

The following rules shall govern all interactions between coaches and umpires:

  • Umpires will be the final authority on all game-related decisions
  • Under no circumstances are to coaches openly dispute any call made by an umpire
  • Coaches shall not visually display dissatisfaction with an umpire's ruling, even if the coach feels the call was incorrect. A coach may ask for a rule clarification, but arguments will not be tolerated
  • Umpires will be instructed to disengage from any confrontation and observe.  Umpires may be asked to offer witness if a report is filed.

Engaging in these behaviors may result in verbal warning, formal written warning, suspension, and ultimately removal from the league.



Players are also considered to be representatives of the league, and as such are expected to conduct themselves in a positive and respectful manner at all times.

Players shall not at any time:

  • Engage in any adversarial, disrespectful or vulgar words or actions towards umpires, coaches, players or spectators
  • Refuse to abide by a coach's decision
  • Argue, whether by words or actions, with any ruling made by an umpire
  • Wander away from the bench area without their coaches permission
  • Throw any equipment or willfully damage league property
  • Routinely arrive late to games or practices without notifying their coach

Engaging in these behaviors may result in loss of playing time, removal from games, suspension, and ultimately removal from the league.



These participants should remain cognizant of MAB's commitment to the ideals of good sportsmanship and fair play. Spectators should focus on positive reinforcement.

The following behaviors are strictly prohibited:

  • Adversarial, disrespectful or vulgar words or actions towards umpires, coaches, players or spectators
  • Unauthorized entry onto the playing field
  • Any action that endangers the physical or emotional well-being of any other participant (including child aged spectators)

Violation of these rules may result in removal of the participant from the facility, expulsion from future league activities and involvement of law enforcement if necessary.

Any violations of these policies or complaints may be directed to any league official, and reported via email to the Board of Directors – .